Who Should Attend? 

– Owners wanting to grow their business


– Struggling business owners

– Those seeking business financing

– People wanting to start a business

– Students


Learn the steps necessary to plan for a successful business.  “If you don’t know where you are going,  how can you expect to get there?” Practical planning that participants can relate to and understand.

– Characteristics of a successful business owner

– Know yourself & what you need

– Your credit report

– Setting goals

– Contingency planning

– Business planning

– Business Plan outline

– 10 Commandments for Business Success

– Top 10 reasons Small Businesses Fail


Analyzing where a company’s cash is coming from and where it is being spent may assist in detecting future profit potential and /or future financial problems.

– Cash flow planning

– Business financial goals

– How do you create a cash flow plan?

– Projected start-up cash

– Projected cash for goods/services

– Projected cash for operations

– Projected sales

– Cash & profits are NOT the same


Marketing means more than advertising. Understanding your customer is key. What sells, how do they decide to buy, when do they decide to buy and how much do they spend?

– The “Master” Plan

– Market planning

– Identify your product/service

– Your distribution process

– Your industry

– Your customers

– Your competition

– Position your products

– Create an appealing image

– Create a market plan

– Pricing your product/service

– Direct selling


An overview that inspires and motivates small business owners to feel in control of their business.


– Assumed name

– Intellectual property

– Taxes/Tax ID numbers

– Licenses/permits

– Zoning & pollution groups

– Issues for employees

– Managing risk

– Legal & accounting

– Recordkeeping

– Purchasing

– Customer service

– Technology


Training provided by NCEDA, a subsidiary of Region Five Development Commission, 200 1st Street NE STE 2, Staples, MN 56479