Septic Systems

The ISTS Loan (Individual Sewage Treatment System) Program will be used to repair or replace existing septic systems in Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd and Wadena counties.  Loans at a rate of 3% will be provided to qualified property owners.  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has allocated funds to these counties to finance loans.  NCEDA will administer these funds.

Information and Application Procedure

Download the Septic and Well Water Application

AgBMP Form

Lending Brochure


Per MN State Statute 17.117 which reads:

Subd. 16.Liens against property.

(a) The amount of loans and accruing interest made by counties acting as local lenders under this section is a lien against the real property for which the improvement was made and must be assessed against the property or properties benefited unless the amount is prepaid. An amount loaned under the program and its accruing interest assessed against the property is a priority lien only against subsequent liens.

(b) The county may bill amounts due on the loan on the tax statement for the property. Enforcement of the lien created by this subdivision must, at the county’s option, be in the manner set forth in chapter 580 or 581. When the amount due and all interest has been paid, the county shall file a satisfaction of the lien created under this subdivision.

(c) A county may also secure amounts due on a loan under this section by taking a purchase money security interest in equipment in accordance with chapter 336, article 9, and may enforce the purchase money security interest in accordance with chapters 336, article 9, and 565.



Call Sandy Voigt at 218-894-3233 x 2 or email for any questions you may have on how to qualify for the program.